Intellipure - fresh air goodness!

For the last couple of months I've been using the Intellipure air purifying system and it has been life-changing, to say the least. After extensive research, Intellipure filters remove FAR more pollutants than their competitors (think Dyson, Molecule, and there are studies to prove it!). Meditating next to absolute fresh air takes it to the next level!

Since putting this in the bedroom at night, I am taking deeper more satisfying breathes and having deeper sleeps. I'm also not concerned any more about mold spores, VOCs or any bacteria being breathed in when my body is doing all it can already to detoxify and rejuvenate during my sleep.

If you think about it, our number one need is for oxygen, second is for water and third is for food. This means that because we are breathing, more than we are eating and drinking, we must make the quality of our AIR a top priority.

Air purifiers are essential for our modern day environment which is overloaded with pollution, heavy metals and toxins. Our air quality is so important. And now World Health organization has listed indoor air quality as a top environmental health threat to humans worldwide!

I tested the Intellipure (stands for intelligent and pure technology) with other machines and it proved to be the most effective, cleaning 99.9% to 100% of the toxic air particles in our homes and offices.

* Intellipure machines are 40x more efficient than the standard HEPA air machines.

* The patented DFS kill zone technology is proven to remove 99.99% of all harmful viruses, fungi, molds, bacteria and particles as small as .007 micron in size.

What I love is that not only does this company provide exceptional customer service but their machines are affordable. The largest machine is $999, the smaller machine is $499 AND on top of that, I’ve created a special 10% discount code to offer to your family, friends and followers! The coupon code is: LOVINGLIFERAW . Click HERE to purchase!

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