Biohack the world event takeaways

I was excited to be asked to co-host the Biomatch social hour at The Assemblage on John St New York last night. What a fun and informative night it was! The BioHack the World speakers included Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya and Dr Jill Blakeway, experts and authors on Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine respectively.

We had a huge turnout out and the space was at max capacity! Goodie bags were given out for the first 50 who arrived, filled with goods from our sponsors including Bulletproof, Taza, Kor shots, Luminas energy, Eighty Six Straws, Drink down to earth and more.

I wanted to outline some of my favourite personal takeaways from the incredibly informative lectures -

- Both doctors agreed that it's imperative to set the TONE of your day prior to getting out of bed. Fill yourself with your own light so that you step into your day with SOURCE

- Use a tongue scraper daily. Doing this allows your taste buds to work the way they're supposed to and your brain receives better signals regarding nutrition and digestion

- Radical healing through connection to LOVE and source IS possible! Simply connecting to that KNOWING that healing is possible trains your mind and then your BODY as a result to do it's thing and return to homeostasis

' Our bodies have more of an ability to HEAL than we were ever taught to BELIEVE'

- Applying oil to our skin BEFORE showering can help extract toxins that are hiding in the fascia allowing for a deep detox

- Try to get up before DAWN and go to sleep before 10pm (this one is a slightly challenging one for me to do...)

- Be aware of 'healers' who make you dependent on them. A GREAT healer should create a SAFE space for you to release resistance to your own healing ability

BioMatch social hour followed by brilliant speakers for BioHack the World happens on the last Thursday of every month so we hope to see you for the next one on November 21st!

Happy Hacking...

CJ x

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