Excited and proud to be a part of the new Visionaries board at my modeling agency in Los Angeles, Vision.

To quote Meg Day (Director and head booker) -

'In a world of followers seeking likes, we are seeking unapologetic, authentic voices for the greater good, focused on creating meaningful content for our lives, not just the Internet. Not an influencer division. Not seeking approval. Introducing Visionaries.'

I just LOVE that in a world where influencers and numbers are where the focus goes, Vision have taken a stance. It’s not a popularity contest. They’re unapologetically focusing on those wanting to impact others positively. They’re in full support of models seeking out creative endeavors and interests outside the fashion world. When ‘Models Do Eat’ was released, they were not only there in person to support me at the book signing and Q&A, but jumped at every opportunity to help me promote it.

Check out the Visionaries below and all the amazing talent who are out there doing what they do best!

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