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Hi guys!

As most of you would know, Im a bit of a supplement junkie. Im always on the hunt to improve my health, body and wellbeing. Something I hadn't really considered until recently is that we can also take supplements to enhance our brain function! How cool is that?! They are called 'nootropics' and they include ingredients that enhance cognitive capabilities (often times in the form of herbs, vitamins, minerals and/or oils).

There are multiple brands out there that are adding nootropics to their range. Bulletproof has their Brain Octane oil, (coconut oil derived), Onnit has 'Alphabrain" with plants such as bacopa and cats claw and Vitamind. Vitamind is a 2 part liquid supplement, the first one comprising of all your essential vitamins (notably Bs) and minerals. the second with the oils (DHEAs and EPAs)/Omegas your brain needs to fire and thrive. Omegas are absolutely essential to brain health and not taking sufficient healthy fats is what can be the cause of diseases such as Alzheimers later down the road. There was such an influx of Alzheimers in our grandparents generation, which some attribute to the fad 'low fat' diets that became all the rage back in the day. It's so great to see the research doing a 180 and people are realising the absolute importance of healthy fats in the diet, not only for brain health but also taking in the right amount and type of fats can actually help us LOSE weight. More avocado and coconut oil over here please!

I am finding VitaMind to be the most effective, with notable differences in my ability to focus more intently and for longer periods of time. Less brain fog? Yes, finally! There are a lot of possible contributors to brain fog, such as candida and mold in the body, however usual everyday brain fog can happen to anyone and Ive noticed this can really nip it in the bud. I also love that Im getting my daily requirements of healthy fats and vitamins so taking a separate multi and also omega 3 and 6 supplement isn't necessary. I noticed a difference whilst taking this supplement immediately - you don't have to wait the entire 30 days to reap benefits!

You can purchase VitaMind via this link on amazon:

Love, light and optimal brain health vibes!


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