I know it has been a while! My modeling schedule has been fairly hectic and when I'm here there and everywhere it makes it difficult to sit down and make the time to write. Although, I became ill twice in the space of only 2 months - first time with a flu in February that seemed to hit me like a ton of bricks - I don't remember feeling that ill since I was in primary school. Then possibly due to low immunity, or so it seemed, I contracted another virus that was like a cold.

I've started going to an amazing sanctuary aka The Den Meditation, in Beverly Hills LA, where I am still currently working, and I learned something kind of interesting. During this deepening of my spiritual practice, I am noticing how my body responds to energetic shifts that are taking place outside of me. What does this mean, you ask? I felt like the second time I got 'sick' I wasn't actually sick. I was way too lethargic and I usually find I don't get sick again for a while if I come down with a virus., particularly when it hits me as hard as that first flu did. Then, I go to a class at the Den and the meditation leader tells us all that the Earth has been going through a massive realignment that is resulting in our bodies 'deconstruction'. Our bodies are deconstructing to readjust to this knew alignment taking place. What that means exactly, I am honestly yet to find out but I intuitively had this sense my body was readjusting to something bigger than just processing a cold and apparently I might've been right. She said that if we have found ourselves getting ill during February and March 2017 that this might be why. Intriguing...

This information leads me to talk about a book I am reading called 'Frequency' by Penney Peirce. So most of us have read The Secret, which touches on some of the principles outlined in this book. The Secret explains that whatever vibration you are operating at, you will attract just that. Setting an intention for something you desire to have, feel 'as if' you have what you desire and it will be drawn to you. Penney expands on this basic principle and writes so succinctly and in a way I find easy to read but more importantly understand and then truly internalize - I believe if we don't retain information we've either heard or read it's because we haven't understood it, or we don't want to.

Have you ever wondered about energy and frequencies yet found it easy to disbelieve they exist the way some say they do? I hear you. We can't see, touch or necessarily feel energy can we? It's not tangible, in the normal sense of the word. What about gravity? We know that exists but we can't actually see it or touch it? Physics outlines that energy can't be made nor destroyed it is solely transformed. Why do some of us have such a hard time believing in this 'thing' called energy or it's power? It's all around us, and some are more naturally attuned to it and others are not (or choose not to be). I have always been an empath (I take on and feel others emotions without meaning to) and I have had to learn why and how to protect myself from it. Penney explains how our thoughts, emotions, body and spirit are all energy and if it is energy then it has a vibration. She discusses a lot of principles on a universal level but the main take away for me has been that we all have a vibration and we are actually in control of changing it. During meditation, we can access similar frequencies to that of sleep (theta and delta waves). These waves can be so restorative that even though we are awake, after meditating it is as if we have had restorative sleep. 30 minutes of deep meditation can be equivalent to 2 hours sleep.

Changing our frequencies takes awareness, knowledge and a willingness to do so, but I believe becoming aware of it and how it can be manipulated can ultimately bring us more peace and restoration. I'll leave all the nitty gritties for you to read..

Until next time,

Positive vibrations and love,


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