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If you're like me and have a seemingly never ending travel schedule, it can be painstakingly grueling if we aren't well equipped to handle it. Our bodies and minds go through so much when we travel so it's important to maintain our health as best as we possibly can. With LA, New York, Miami, Vietnam, Perth, LA again and then Chile on my itinerary just this month, making sure I bring comforts with me that help me through this regular environmental displacement are mandatory! Finding comfort in the discomfort is one thing, but sometimes having tangible things that I bring along with me really help me feel like no matter what environment I am in, I have things that make me feel good!

So, what do I bring along on my travels? Here are some of them listed below:

  1. Noise cancelling headphones - these help enormously when flying and trying to fall asleep in accommodations that have a lot of noise. They can be a god send when falling asleep is challenging (tip: listen to a deep trance delta wave frequency meditation or guided sleep down meditation for an added sleep inducing effect!).

  2. Sage and palo santo - I like to travel with these and burn them when I arrive somewhere. Sage helps to clear energies (particularly negative) that may still be lingering in a house or room. Sage is said to clear all energies good and bad, where as palo santo helps enhance the positive ones. They also smell amazingly and if it’s a scent you may be used to or find comforting, they can enhance how quickly you get settled in a particular space

  3. Sleepy tea with valerian/melatonin supplements - tea is a massive comfort for me and a ritual I like to have before I go to sleep no matter where I am. The ingredients in sleepy tea like chamomile, have calmative effects and valerian root in particular will put you right into a deep sleep and usually keep you asleep all night. During the first night in a new environment, the left hemisphere of our brains remain alert automatically to make sure the new environment we are in is safe (stemming back to our more primitive days). Less melatonin, which is the sleep inducing hormone, is produced this first night and so supplementation can help (not to mention jet lag and time differences will affect melatonin production also.) An eye mask can also help produce melatonin, as even the smallest amount of light whilst trying to sleep can inhibit production. Sleep anywhere, any time!

  4. Immune boosting and essential supplements - not all supplements are needed for everyone however my personal essentials include magnesium as a relaxant, vitamin B12 spray for energy, probiotics for good gut health and neem capsules as an antifungal and antiviral (to kill any bugs or bacteria I’ve picked up on planes or in food). I also like to take coconut derived activated charcoal supplements, which can help draw out toxins accumulated in the body from alcohol and possibly contaminated foods. Charcoal is not to be taken too often however, as it can also remove good nutrients in the body at the same time. I also take a small bag of celtic sea salt and swallow a pinch or two a day of it when I’m in the air a lot. The structure of salt helps the water you drink to be transported more easily to the cells for better hydration! Did you know that we are exposed to toxic amounts of radiation when travelling? I didn't realise how exhausting this exposure is on the body (notably the heart) and so to counteract this, I take Alaria (or seaweed) extract, which has been proven to help remove excess radiation that has been stored in the body. Note: please exercise caution with supplements and consult a health professional prior to consuming

  5. Dark chocolate - following on from the magnesium note, having dark chocolate handy helps me stay away from any unhealthy sweet treats I might be tempted by when travelling and unable to eat my healthier sweet food options. The magnesium in it also helps promote feelings of relaxation.

  6. Hydrating face masks - the skin on our face is particularly susceptible to looking dehydrated when we travel so applying a good face mask for a few minutes can work wonders (note: try to find ones without alcohol in them as this can cause further dehydration. Look for ones with collagen and hydrating ingredients such as bamboo, shea butter and sodium hyaluronate!)

Happy travelling!

Love light and safe travel blessings, CJ

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