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In my last post, I touched on the topic of essential oils and how beneficial they can be to finding balance and helping with physical and emotional ailments. I’ve been exploring them a lot lately to help me feel energized, rejuvenated, balanced and calm. There’s a lot of conflicting information and testimonials out there regarding ingesting them, and whether this can be harmful or not. Given my sensitive body, I’d rather use them externally or in a diffuser as the benefits can be very similar to ingesting. Here are the essential oils I’m using and why -

  1. Lavender - this oil is a must-have for me. As soon as I inhale it at night it tells my brain and body that I am ready for a deep slumber. Lavender can have amazing antibacterial qualities when taken internally also, but I’m using it at the moment as a relaxant. I usually add a drop to the bottom of each of my feet, as well as a drop on my hands, rubbed together and inhaled. I also like it this way as when I roll my head onto my hands when falling asleep, i’m inhaling it with every breathe.

  2. Clary sage - this oil is pivotal one to incorporate when focusing on female hormone balancing and it can really reduce cramping. To do so, this can be applied to the abdomen and massaged into the areas that feel in pain and that need a little extra love and attention. Massaging this area in and of itself can be a great way to ease pain - our hands on their own are marvellous healers! On a spiritual level, clary sage can help act as an ‘eye opener’ (hence the name clary which means ‘clear’), allowing us to notice things we may have not seen before, and moreover, see them with clarity and certainty.

  3. Geranium - this oil is an incredible infection fighter and wound healer. It is also used in conjunction with clary sage oil as a hormone regulator. It’s a powerful astringent, also assisting with with PMS symptoms, acting as a diuretic, detoxifier and hormone balancer. I find it to be a really nurturing scent and it helps me feel safe and loved.

  4. Frankincense - this age old remedy was considered one of the most powerful oils, helping with almost every ailment imaginable. It was considered like liquid gold in reference to its powerful healing properties. Commonly used in candles and natural deodorizers, it has become more prominent as a cell regenerator, helping ease hypertension and arthritis. Frankincense is another oil helpful for women, as it regulates estrogen levels. In regards to digestion, it has an amazing ability to speed up the gastric bile production, thus helping food move through the intestines. I find it really relaxing also, and I use it in conjunction with the lavender oil on my hands before bed.

  5. Lemon and grapefruit - these are two of my favourite citrus oils to add to a bath as they help detoxify, cleanse and increase circulation. Grapefruit helps greatly with water retention and cellulite as it is a potent purifier. Both oils have a clarifying effect on the mind, an additional bonus of this cleansing bath!

All of these oils can be added to a bath, in fact. Given our skin is our largest organ, the oils get absorbed through our skin and still have a systemic effect.

I recently came across a brand called Noto. They effectively combine essential oils and butters as the base of their skincare and beauty products. My personal favourite is the red lip tint, which is made from ingredients such as shea butter, cacao, peppermint oil and even turmeric - the red colour is derived from iron oxide and this stain can be as light or dark as desired, on both lips and cheeks alike!

Love, light and natural tint kisses, CJ

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