Summer Retreat 2016

I felt inclined to share a snippet of my experience from the weekend retreat I recently attended in sunny and healing, California.

Most of us attending didn't even know exactly where we were - but we loved it that way. Secluded with no access to technology and no other intention but to connect with each other.

This self-enlightenment focused retreat was created and hosted by the powerful Christine Hassler, whom I've been following religiously for the last few months. Her wise outlook on the world partnered with insight on how to implement tools to alter the subconscious mind, is extremely inspiring and unbelievably effective.

She helped me to truly realise certain things - things I thought I knew but seemingly didn't, that not being 'perfect'' all the time is truly ok. Furthermore, having a connection to a close community of women can be so important for a woman's sense of belonging and so much comfort can come from just feeling heard and understood.

The connections I made in only two days are incredible and I experienced the power of holding a space where women feel safe to share, be vulnerable, let go of previous belief systems and welcome in the new ones.

Meditations, role playing, releasing exercises and one-on-one coaching were all a part of the weekend and the shift in every person who attended was undeniable. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking to connect with other women with a common goal to evolve, release judgement, practice forgiveness, embody compassion and experience more joy!

Thank you Christine, for doing the work that you do! You can find her podcast on

Love, light and compassion, CJ

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