Berries, berries, who's got the berries!

So, a lot of us already know that berries are lower in fructose (natural sugars in fruit) and are full of those radical fighting antioxidants. Most of us Aussies also know that in Australia they are extortionately expensive! I've definitely been capitalising on how much more inexpensive they are in the States and stocking up where and when I can. I more often than not add them to my breakfasts in the morning to start my day fighting fit.

Side note, but one to be remembered - make sure they are certified organic, even if there's no other organic fruit you buy. The pesticides used on berries penetrate very easily due to their lack of skin/protective layer. Furthermore, the particular pesticide used on strawberries, is one that the body finds particularly hard to detoxify, often remaining in our systems for up to 6 months!

The darker and richer in colour a fruit or vegetable, the higher in nutritional density it is. My personal favourite berry is a raspberry however, I recently learned that the blackberry contains a particular flavonoid called anthocynanine. This flavonoid is present in any fruit or vegetable that has a purple pigment (so this also includes black currents, eggplant, purple sweet potato and purple cabbage). Purple sweet potato is actually proliferously used in Japan, where they have some of the most centenarians in the world! They attribute part of their bounding health and long life span to the consumption of this vegetable.

Let's all live past 100 and up our anthocynanine intake!

Love and light, CJ

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