Take those shoes off!

Being constantly on the go, up in the air and also living in the hustle and bustle of New York city, I have found it so important to factor in moments where I can ground myself.

When we aren't grounded, we become filled with positive ions rather than the grounding negative ones. When our bare feet touch the earth (this can be in the form of grass, sand or soil) we change the charge our bodies are under. Being too positively charged for too long can result in us feeling overwhelmed, stressed and basically, super charged!! I'm sure you've all noticed when you feel too "charged" we feel less open and in control, which can be such an unsettling feeling.

Take any and every opportunity you can to take those shoes off and connect with nature!! Another helpful tip can be to get your hands on (literally...) an argonite stone, which has powerful ionizing properties to neutralize the positive ions and make you more negative (not mood wise though, of course!).

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